Saint Louis University

Our office serves first-time undergraduate students on the Medical Center Campus - which includes Doisy College of Health Sciences and the School of Nursing. Our Academic Advisors work closely with the Deans' offices and department representatives to stay up-to-date on policies, procedures, and curriculum requirements so that we can effectively serve the students on the Medical Center Campus.

For a comprehensive list of the majors we advise and a link to each department website, please select one of the two colleges listed below:


Doisy College of Health Sciences

School of Nursing


In an effort to be inclusive of students' learning styles and needs with regard to academic support, the following statement has been developed for use in course syllabi which identifies resources for student support in various areas of learning. As faculty members construct their syllabi for future courses, it is requested that they update materials to include new language regarding academic and career related support offered to students through the Student Success Center.

Syllabus Statement