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Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction Services is located within the Student Success Center. If you have any questions or are unsure about the services to recommend, please contact Kelly Herbolich, Program Director of Academic Support, at or (314)977-2649.

General Tutoring Information:


Including Tutoring & SI Resources Statement in Syllabi:

Faculty may consider how they may promote tutoring resources through their course syllabi. The Student Success Center requests that faculty members include the following language within their course syllabi so that students can readily locate tutoring support and other Student Success Center resources:

Student Success Center

In recognition that people learn in a variety of ways and that learning is influenced by multiple factors (e.g., prior experience, study skills, learning disability), resources to support student success are available on campus. The Student Success Center, a one-stop shop, which assists students with academic and career related services, is located in the Busch Student Center (suite 331) and the School of Nursing (suite 114). Students who think they might benefit from these resources can find out more about: 

  • Course-level support (e.g., faculty member, departmental resources, etc.) by asking your course instructor
  • University-level support (e.g., tutoring services, university writing services, disability services, academic coaching, career services, and/or facets of curriculum planning) by visiting the Student Success Center or by going to

Communicating about Tutoring & SI to Students:

The following are flyers and handouts that can be provided to students to further assist them while they seek academic support resources. 


Information on Study Skills:

Tutors and Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders assist students with developing study skills for specific courses. Tutors participate in a yearly training, which includes information on study skills, cognitive development, adult-learning theory, and communication styles.

If you or a student has concerns about study skills, please refer them to Academic Coaching. You may also contact Kelly Herbolich, Program Director of Academic Support, to provide further outreach to the student.

Depending on the students' classes, University Writing Wervices is also a great resource to discuss the writing process, which often includes creating timelines by which to complete assignments.

Some additional resources: