Saint Louis University

We present writing workshops and offer writing group facilitation to SLU classes and student groups.  We also encourage all instructors to schedule an informational visit to your classes. To request one of these services, contact Academic Support at 314-977-3484 or email Alex Wulff, the Director of Writing Services, at

Writing Groups meet to set goals and/or review drafts. We can schedule groups, facilitate discussion and offer consultation. Writing Group Starter Kit

Informational Visits are a 10-minute introduction to our services. We'll stop by your class, give your students brochures and explain how we can help them strengthen their writing. If you require your students to visit Writing Services, we ask that we give this 10 minute introduction to the services first, so students know how to prepare for the session.  

Workshops are formal presentations meant to help students develop discrete writing skills. You may also chose from the following workshops

  • Keys to College Writing
  • Keys to Graduate Writing
  • Productive Peer Reviewing
  • Quoting and Paraphrasing
  • Personal Statements
  • Presenting at Conferences
  • MLA Formatting and Documentation 
  • APA Formatting and Documentation
  • Style and Grammar
  • Technical Writing

In-Class Assistance & Writing Group Facilitation for Instructors
When students work on their writing individually or in small groups during class, instructors may feel the need to be everywhere in the classroom at once. Invite a writing consultant into your classroom to act as an additional facilitator during class. The consultant can be an extra pair of eyes and ears, checking in with students about their individual writing concerns. We are also happy to facilitate writing groups that meet inside and outside of classes.