Saint Louis University

We offer free, in-person, one-on-one consultations for all SLU students: You can work on any piece of writing, oral presentation, or multimedia project, and you can bring in your writing at any point in the composition process. The easiest way to make an appointment is through SLU Appointments, which can be found in the Tools tab of your mySLU. For online appointments, please click here. You may also call the Student Success Center at 314-977-3484. We accept walk-ins when consultants are available; however, an appointment is highly recommended. 


Consultations begin on the hour and typically last about 45 minutes: Visit the contact us page to find the most convenient location for you. Appointments will begin with your needs. If you are working on an assignment it is a good idea to bring the assignment sheet so you and the consultant can lay out a plan that follows the necessary guidelines. 


Visit us at ANY point in the processes: At University Writing Services, we help you work with whatever you are writing at the moment. Experienced writers find audiences for their work at all stages. We are here to be your audience. We can help you start with a blank sheet of paper or just an assignment sheet.


We can even help you work through multiple drafts of the same assignment: If you plan ahead and make multiple appointments over the course of a project, we can offer even more help. In fact, we recommend coming several times a semester. We find that students benefit from dividing writing into small steps. If you find that our scheduling software does not allow you to make an appointment far enough in advance then please contact Alex Wulff, the Director of University Writing Services, at