Saint Louis University

Current wait time: 3 business days, excluding weekends and University holidays

All SLU students have access to video-conference-based writing consultations if they are not able to attend an in-person consultation. SLU students can make these appointments directly in SLU Appointments. We use Google Hangouts for video conferencing; select Google Hangouts as the reason for your appointment.

However, online writing consultations with written feedback are only available to limited student populations:

  • SLU athletes who are on the road
  • The School of Professional Studies graduate and undergraduate students
  • Undergraduate and graduate students in online programs
  • Students away from the St. Louis campus

Contact Alex Wulff, the Director of University Writing Services, at if you are not in a listed group and believe you should have access.

How does the written feedback process work?

1) Complete the submission form. Before you submit your work, be sure the current wait time listed above fits your timeline for finishing the project.

2) Send your paper via email to Please save your file in doc or docx format if possible, and attach an assignment sheet or description.

An online writing consultant will email your work back to you with comments and a brief note. Please make sure that you download the updated document to your computer, as you may not see marginal comments in the "view" function of many internet browsers.

If you want additional feedback after an initial draft, you will need to repeat the submission steps. Each submission requires a new submission form and a new email to

If you think you would like talk to someone after you receive written feedback, we offer the option of scheduling an online Google Hangout so that you can video conference with your consultant. You can chose this option and select possible times for the video conference using our submission form.

Our online comments are meant to act as a guide in the revision process. It is always helpful if you give us as much information as possible about your assignment and your writing goals. Please attach your assignment sheet if possible.

If you ask us questions we will do our best to give you answers. Good writing requires good readers and we will act as an expert audience. Consultants put our primary comments into the body of an email, but they comment on your paper throughout the margins. Since we respect your ownership of your writing and your ideas, we do not proofread papers. Instead, we offer suggestions for revision and help you see patterns and choices you are making in your writing.

Ready for an online consultation? Send us your draft at and fill out our submission form.