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University Writing Services: General Resources for SLU Writers

General Online Resources:

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL): This is the largest free online resource for writers. OWL has a very good search engine and you can usually find help on specific topics. The site offers direct tips for a great range of writing goals: the writing process, academic writing, grammar, organization, structure, and English as a second language.  

Saint Louis University's Library chat service: This service can answer quick citation questions and is usually open whenever the library is open.  

Colorado State University's Learn to Write: General and subject-specific writing help. Offers detailed advice and interactive features, including a writing portfolio tool. You must register for certain interactive features; registration is free and open to everyone.

Writing the Academic Paper: Published by the Institute for Writing & Rhetoric at Dartmouth University, this website is meant to provide accessible tips for getting started.

How to Create a Timeline for Your Writing Assignments: Provided by the University of Minnesota, the "Assignment Calculator" helps to manage writing projects. Enter the due date and type of assignment and the "Assignment Calculator" will break down your work into twelve steps to help you stay on track.

The Oxford Learner's Dictionary: This resource is one of the most popular, and useful, websites for looking at word usage. It has sample phrases and sentences to help writers check usage.

Elements of Style: By William Strunk, this book has been around for generations. The section on omitting needless words is a good guide for sentence level editing. This online version does not contain the prefatory piece by E.B. White.

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