Saint Louis University

Any staff member who does not belong to a collective bargaining unit is eligible to become a member of SAC. Interested staff may join SAC by completing the Membership Application.

Completed membership applications should be completed, signed, scanned and emailed to the SAC Chair, Yvonne McCool at

Since meetings are held during normal office hours, those interested in becoming members of SAC should inform and obtain the approval of their supervisors before joining the organization. The SAC Executive Board or the Vice President for Human Resources will provide any supervisor with information about SAC, if requested. SAC is sanctioned by the University Administration and time spent attending committee and subcommittee meetings, is officially considered paid time by the University.

Since SAC members are expected to provide input on various issues, it is the obligation of members to attend enough meetings to remain sufficiently informed of the issues.

The Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Membership Coordinator will provide the leadership as the Executive Board of SAC.

Annual elections are held each March. Terms of office begin July 1 through June 30. Each current Chair may invite any previous Chair(s) to serve on the Executive Board in an advisory, ex officio capacity during that Chair's term. Each June, all SAC Ad Hoc and standing committee chairs and SAC archivist will be appointed or re-appointed by the Executive Board.