March 21, 2012
Connie Tillman

SAFETY NET: Fire Prevention is Everyone's Responsibility

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More than 200,000 fires are intentionally set each year. Photo by stock.xchng

Fires happen at any the time. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that approximately 210,300 fires are intentionally set each year, representing 13 percent of all fires reported to fire departments. The peak period for intentional fires is between March and April.  

Roughly 57 percent of intentionally set fires are started outside with matches or a lighter. The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (DPSEP) would like to remind everyone that they can help keep Saint Louis University safe by reporting any suspicious activity or people around receptacles for tobacco products, trash cans or dumpsters to DPSEP at 314-977-3000. 

Things people can do to help keep themselves and others safe on campus include:

  • Knowing where all of the exits are in any building they are in
  • Exiting any building when the fire alarm sounds; it's the law
  • Knowing where the fire extinguishers are and how to use one

Fire extinguisher training is available throughout the year to groups of four or more. To schedule a fire safety training program, contact Connie Tillman at For more information on training offered by DPSEP, email Learn more about fire safety at the DPSEP website.

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