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Hospitality Industry Advisory Board Members - Roy Reichold

USI Midwest, Inc.

Senior Vice President


Roy Reichold is a Senior Vice President at USI whose expertise lies in the area of commercial insurance risk management in the hospitality industry. Companies hire Roy because he helps them develop specific asset protection strategies that minimize the costs associated with their company’s risk exposure.

Roy has a long history in St. Louis starting with growing up in his family’s business which is still one of the longest running Italian restaurants in the city. He received his A.A. in Culinary Arts from St. Louis Community College; later lending his insurance professional expertise as an adjunct professor teaching marketing and purchasing for fifteen years. He is affiliated with several industry groups, including the State Board of Directors for the Missouri Restaurant Association, Roy serves as an advisory council member on two national insurance companies specializing in the hospitality industry. He also serves as a member of the President's Club for the Sandler Sales Institute since 2001.

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