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What are you doing with your SLU degree or certificate from the School for Professional Studies?

We'd love to hear from you. Our alums are always telling us that they want to hear more about the great things that our graduates are doing.

You may not think what you're doing is earth-shattering, but we still want to know about it. Collectively, the list quickly becomes very impressive. Did you know that our alumni list includes company presidents, restaurant owners, operations managers, police chiefs, contracts administrators, system development engineers and secret service agents?

Please fill out the online form below and let us know about your life after graduation from Saint Louis University. We will publish your updates in the alumni newsletter and use them to promote the great things our alumni are doing.

Alumni update form


First Name
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Degree/ Certificate
Zip Code
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Please feel free to answer as many or as few of the following questions
as they relate to your life since graduation.
What are you doing now/What's new with you?
Since graduation, did you receive a promotion within your organization
or find a better position in another organization?
Why did you choose SLU?
How has a SLU degree made a difference for you, personally and
Is there anything about your SLU experience that stands out
and/or is part of your life today?
Comments, questions or anything else you'd like to add about
your life since graduation?
Can we contact you if we need further information?
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