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Attendance Verification and Early Warnings

Both attendance verification and early warnings should be completed using the Faculty Feedback option in Banner Self-Service. Attendance verification should be submitted within the first week of the course; early warnings should be used for the remainder of the term.

Detailed instructions for completing Attendance Verification can be found here.

Class rosters are available on Banner for each class. To access your class list, access Banner through the mySLU web portal and click on the Tools tab. Students must be registered for the classes they are attending. At the first class meeting, it is very important that the instructor check the list for accuracy. Students NOT on the roster should be instructed to see the site coordinator immediately in order to be officially enrolled in the class. Students on the roster but not attending should also be reported so that an advisor can determine their status.

It is the instructor's responsibility to assure that only students listed on the roster be permitted to attend class and any discrepancies be reported. The following instructions have been provided by the School for Professional Studies Student Services department to provide instructors with a convenient way to provide attendance verification.

Failure to provide attendance verification can lead to serious administrative issues as well as problems for SPS Students. Students who miss the first class meeting are contacted the next business day to make sure they understand the ramifications of missing class. Instructors will be notified of the student's status after this conversation takes place.

Please note that Attendance Verification:

  • Should be submitted immediately after the first class period is complete, or after the first week of an online class
  • Should be used for every course
  • Should be submitted whether roster is accurate or inaccurate

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