Saint Louis University

Clear Admission - applies when the student has met all admission criteria.

Probationary Admission - may be granted to a student who has less than the minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, and/or has less than 15 hours of transferable college credit. In consultation with their admission counselor/advisor, probationary admitted students are required to register for the following as their first courses:

PST 1000 Learning Resources and Strategies (Required)
CIS 1150 Concepts and Applications of Technology (Required)
English Composition Course(s) (May not be required based on assessment and/or transfer credit)

Remaining courses may be chosen from the following:
ARTH 1005    Approaching the Arts
BIOL 1405      Biology of Health and Disease
CMMK 1210   Public Speaking in Organizational Life
CIS 1300        Information Systems and Technology
ENGL 2025    Introduction to Literary Studies (pre-req ENGL 2005)
HIST 1115      Origins of the Modern World to 1600 (pre-req ENGL 2005)
HIST 1125      Origins of the Modern World from 1600 to Present (pre-req ENGL 2005)
PWY 1005      Foundations of Math
MUSC 1005    Approaching the Arts: Music
PHIL 1055      Historical Introduction to Philosophy (pre-req ENGL 1505)
PHIL 1105      Intro to Philosophy: Critical Thinking (pre-req ENGL 1505)
POLS 1105     Intro to Politics (pre-req ENGL 1505)
PSYK 1010     General Psychology (pre-req ENGL 2005)
SOC 1105       Intro to Sociology (pre-req ENGL 1505)
SOC 1205       Intro to Anthropology (pre-req ENGL 1505)
THR 1005       Approaching the Arts: Musical Theater
THEO 1005    Theo Foundations (pre-req ENGL 1505)

In order for the student to gain clear admission, the student must complete these courses with an SPS minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. If the student's SPS cumulative GPA is below 2.0 at the end of the first Fall or Spring semester in which they have enrolled, the student will be subject to dismissal at the end of that semester. If the student meets the criteria permitting an appeal of the dismissal, the appeal form must be submitted according to the established timeline.

Conditional & Probationary Admission - applies when the student has not submitted all official transcripts. Conditional admission allows an applicant to enroll for one semester only. In order to be considered for enrollment in future terms, the student must ensure that the University receives all requested documentation before the end of the first semester (end of Summer, Fall II and Spring II terms). Until an official transcript evaluation can be completed, there is no guarantee that courses taken will apply toward a specific degree and, because transfer GPA cannot be calculated, students must follow the aforementioned guidelines for Probationary Admission. If the student's transcripts are received and the transfer GPA meets the requirements of clear admission, the student's status will be updated to "Clear." If the student's transcripts are received and the transfer GPA does not meet the requirements of clear admission, the student's status will be updated to "Probational admission." The student who does not meet these conditions will be dismissed.

Confirming Admission: All newly admitted students must submit a $25 deposit to confirm their admission to SLU. Students are also required to successfully complete the SPS Online Orientation. The orientation covers the following: Online Course Expectations, Online Course Technologies, Best Practices, Academic Integrity, Student Resources, Policies and Procedures, and Jesuit Ideals. Each student must satisfactorily pass the orientation with a 70% or higher. Newly admitted students understand that they will not have access to register for classes until the Online Orientation is complete and the $25 deposit is submitted.