Saint Louis University

1. Clear Admission applies when the student has met all admission criteria.

2. Conditional Admission may be granted to a student who has less than the minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, less than 15 hours of transferable college credit, and/or has not submitted all official transcripts*. 

In consultation with their admission counselor/advisor, conditionally admitted students are required** to register for the following as their first four courses:
• PST 100 Learning Resources and Strategies (Required)
• CIS 115 Concepts and Applications of Technology (May be required based on proficiency assessment)
• English Composition Class(es) (May be required based on assessment and/or transfer credit)
• Remaining class(es) may be chosen from an approved list found in the Student Handbook.
In order for the student to gain clear admission, the student must complete these courses with an SPS minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. If the student's SPS cumulative GPA is below 2.0 after their first four courses, the student will be subject to dismissal at the end of the semester.

*Conditional Admission may be granted when a student wants to enroll in classes, but has not yet forwarded all official transcripts. Conditional admission allows an applicant to enroll for one semester only. In order to be considered for enrollment in future terms, the student must ensure that the University receives all requested documentation before the end of the first semester (end of Summer, Fall II and Spring II terms). The student who does not meet these conditions will be blocked from future registration until all transcripts are received and evaluated. Until an official transcript evaluation can be completed, there is no guarantee that courses taken will apply toward a specific degree and students must follow the aforementioned guidelines for Conditional Admission.

**In instances where a Conditionally admitted student does not need one or more of the four prescribed courses, the student's Admissions Counselor or Academic Advisor may substitute an appropriate class with the approval of Program Chair.

3. Deferred Admission applies if, at any point during the admissions process, the School for Professional Studies determines that further information is needed in order to make a decision regarding a student's admission into the program. In this case, SPS will defer an admission decision and forward a letter indicating what action the student must take before a final decision can be made. A deadline for completing these steps will also be provided. Students who have questions about deferred admission policies should contact their admissions counselor.