Saint Louis University

New for 2016-17

The objective of this policy is to assist students in moving more efficiently toward degree completion and the achievement of their educational goals.

When an eligible SPS student does not register for courses in a given 8-week term, they are considered a "stop out" for that term. When a student is stopped out for one term, they are still a SPS student and may be registered in courses for future terms.

When possible, students should avoid being at "stop out" status for consecutive terms, or an entire semester without future registrations as there can be implications financially and academically. Key components of the new policy are:

  • Students have the option of requesting a leave of absence in those instances where it is necessary to be stopped out for a full semester. With a leave of absence, a student can maintain their current academic plan for the degree program when they re-enroll.
  • Students who have stopped out for a semester, have not been granted a leave of absence and are not registered for future SPS courses will be considered closed inactive. To continue courses, a student would have to reapply for admission and develop an updated academic plan for the degree program.
  • All SPS students must pass a minimum of one course each academic year to avoid being academically dismissed.

The full Continuous Progress Policy can be viewed as a pdf here.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact an academic advisor or admission counselor at 314-977-2330.