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Requesting an Incomplete

A request for an incomplete must be made in writing during the seventh or eighth week of the SPS eight week term. Incompletes requested during weeks one through six of a term will be denied administratively. Instead, these students should be encouraged to withdraw from the course. The below table outlines the tuition refund percentage for student withdrawal effective Summer 2014.

Week Tuition Refund % Letter Awarded 
1 100%  N/A
2 90% W
3 80% W
4 60% W
5 0% W
6 0% W


Student Criteria:
1. The student must hold a passing grade (defined as a "C" or better) for all coursework at the sixth week of the term.

2. Proof of extenuating circumstances must be provided. These circumstances must fall under the definition of "extenuating circumstances" as defined by SPS. These circumstances could be defined as: a major, unforeseen life event (e.g., death, prolonged debilitating illness, sudden major change in job status) that occurred within the student's life that would reasonably be expected to have a significant impact on the student's ability to complete remaining course requirements on time and at a level sufficient to pass the course." All Incompletes, regardless of circumstance, are subject to the discretion of the department chair; students feeling that they have extenuating circumstances deserving of an "incomplete" should consult their advisor.

Process for Awarding an Incomplete During Weeks 7 & 8:
1. Student contacts the Instructor, explains the circumstances, and requests an incomplete. A detailed email outlining the circumstances must be sent to the Instructor.

2. The Instructor contacts the Program Chair / Director, discusses the circumstances, and determines if the circumstances merit an incomplete. The detailed email outlining the circumstances must be sent to the Program Chair / Director. The mark of incomplete is given at the discretion of the Instructor in consultation with the Program Chair / Director. However, the student must meet both criteria for an Incomplete to be considered.

3. If the Instructor in consultation with the Program Chair / Director agrees to award an incomplete, the Chair / Director will complete the pertinent information and "requirement to complete" section of the Incomplete Contract.

4. A clearly defined length of time, appropriate to the amount of remaining coursework and the severity of the student's extenuating circumstances, will be set by the Instructor in consultation with the Program Chair / Director. Generally, any outstanding "I" coursework must be completed by the end of the following term, but the student may be allowed to complete the "I" within a year in appropriate circumstances. However, if the "I" is given in a prerequisite course, it must be cleared by the end of the first week of the term for which the prerequisite is necessary.

Note: Students should be aware that the "I" grade may seriously impact their subsequent financial aid awards. Students must complete the work by the date agreed upon, or the University Registrar will convert the incomplete grade to an "F."

5. Once the pertinent information, requirement to complete and completion date sections of the incomplete, the Program Chair / Director will then forward the contract to the Instructor for electronic signature.

6. After signing electronically, the Instructor will then forward the contract to the student for electronic signature.

7. After signing electronically, the Student will then forward the contract to both the Instructor and the Program Chair / Director.

8. The Program Chair / Director will then forward the contract to the Assistant Dean for processing.

Note: Requesting an incomplete in SPS courses longer than eight weeks will follow the process outlined above with the exception that the incomplete may be requested starting in week seven through the last week of the course. For example a student may request an incomplete in weeks seven through ten in a ten week course.

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