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Wondering where you can go for assistance with homework, difficulties understanding something covered in class, or other academic questions?

For class-specific answers, your instructor is always your first, best source of information.

But for broader questions about academics, there are several resources on both campuses which can provide assistance. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the appropriate services for those questions.


Q: I'm having trouble with Math or other homework. What should I do?

A: Undergraduate students can find assistance at Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction Services. There are specific SPS courses for which tutoring is provided at the Student Success Center for SPS Tutoring.


Q: Where could I find some help to check my paper or written class assignment?

A: SLU's Writing Services can help. You can even submit your paper to them online. Also, check out the new website available with student resources for writing & research. Graduate students can also utilize the Graduate Writing Resources page.


Q: I have to find journal articles and other resources for a class -- where do I begin?

A: The SLU Libraries are a great place to start.


Q. Where is the curriculum library housed?

A: You'll find it on the 2nd floor of Pius XII Memorial Library.


Q: My instructor was talking about plagiarism. What is it and how can I make sure I don't plagiarize in my papers?

A: Understanding what plagiarism is could save you many headaches throughout your academic career. Learn more about plagiarism prevention for students.


Q: How am I able to manage my time? How do I study for a test? Where could I go to get some ideas on how to organize my thoughts and projects?

A: Here are several websites where you could get help in these areas:


Q: If I can't make it to the tutoring center for help with Math homework, do I have other options?

A: Try one of these websites for assistance with undergraduate math courses:


Q: I'm not sure about the logistics of getting what I need for class. Where can I find the resources I need just to be prepared for my first day of class?

A: For textbooks, visit Barnes and Noble Bookstore, call for information at 531-7925 or go to their website.

For online classes, learn more about the SLU Global (BlackBoard) online learning system.

For assistance with Banner -- Call the ITS HelpDesk at 977-4000 or visit to their website.

If you require assistance for your classes through Disability Services, call that office at 977-8885 or visit their website.


Q. Is there an orientation for Graduate Students?

A: Yes. Graduate Student Orientation will assist you as you transition to graduate study at SLU.


Q: My concern is not related to anything listed above. Now what do I do?

"Ask SPS" -- If you have a question, problem, or concern other than those listed, feel free to email and someone from the School for Professional Studies will respond as quickly as possible. You can also contact your academic advisor directly. Graduate students should contact their program director.


Q: Isn't there a class I could take to find out about a lot of these things?

A: Yes, there is! A great class that can prepare you for future undergraduate coursework is PST 1000: Learning Strategies, Resources and Processes.

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