Saint Louis University

Log into mySLU, then click on the Tools tab, and then the Banner Self-Service icon. Once you're logged in:

  • Click on "Student Resources and Financial Services"
  • Click on "Add or Drop Classes"
  • Select the appropriate term (Do NOT select terms prefixed with "CEU")

You have now accessed the "Add or Drop Classes" worksheet.

  • Enter the Course Registration Numbers (CRN) associated with the desired course sections; or
  • Click on "Class Search" in the lower left of the worksheet to search the schedule of classes;
  • Once all CRNs are entered, click the "Submit Changes" button.

Provided you do not receive errors, you have now successfully registered! Click on either Student Schedule or Student Schedule: Detail to print out a complete copy of your course list.

For additional information on registering using Banner Self Service, go to the Registration Procedures webpage.