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The Bachelor's Degree Bridge Series program will provide students with the core foundational courses needed to bridge into health-related and other college degree programs. It will prepare students for advanced courses in their preferred program and will accelerate them closer to completing their bachelor's degree.

  • 2 1/2 year program
  • 37 credit hours
  • 5 courses per year
  • 8-9 weeks per course

To enroll in this program, students will need to complete the free Application for Admission to Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies. While providing log-in information to access the application, applicants will need to select their respective employer to complete the Application.

Courses Overview

Courses Overview
PST 1000 Learning Strategies, Processes and Resources
THEO 1005 Theological Foundations 
ENGL 1505 The Process of Composition
ENGL 1905 Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research 
PSYK 1010 General Psychology
PHIL 1055 Historical Introduction to Philosophy: Self and Reality 
ARTH 1005 Approaching the Arts Visually  
ANAT 1005 Basic Human Anatomy
ENGL 2025 Introduction to Literary Studies 
PPY 2545 Human Physiology
CEU SPS Basics of Mathematics
CEU SPS Foundations of Algebra
MATH 1205 College Algebra


If you're interested in learning more about this program, please contact: 

Justin Smith Justin Smith, MSHE
Community Outreach Coordinator 
Saint Louis University
School for Professional Studies