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Organizational Studies is a partnership program that is available to employers. 

Courses Overview

Success in for-profit and not-for-profit settings requires an understanding of corporate operations, but it also requires the ability to lead, motivate, and inspire. The Organizational Studies major provides students with this all-important integration of leadership and corporate operations.

Organizational Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines work behavior at the individual, interpersonal/group and organizational levels.

The program develops competencies through project-based learning in the following areas.

  • Individual level
    • oral and written communication
    • critical thinking and problem-solving
    • ethical decision-making
  • Interpersonal/Group level
    • interpersonal relations
    • group dynamics
    • leading a diverse workforce
  • Organizational level
    • the legal environment of organizations
    • integrated marketing
    • economics and accounting
    • leadership and human resource management
    • organizational structure, culture and strategy

The B.A. in Organizational Studies degree program is particularly well suited for students interested in career advancement into administrative, supervisory, and leadership positions or for those considering a career change.

All of the courses in the OS program provide practical application to the workplace. Courses are instructed by discipline-prepared faculty who are also working professionals. In the program, students complete course projects with for-profit and non-profit organizations and assemble those projects into a professional, electronic portfolio prior to graduation.

Students in the OS program also complete a customized series of electives consisting of 21 hours of electives focusing on Industrial Psychology and Strategic Communications.

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To enroll in this program, students will need to complete the free Application for Admission to Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies. While providing log-in information to access the application, applicants will need to select their respective employer on the application.

Curriculum Overview for Organizational Studies Degree

General Studies Core 51 Credits
Foundation Courses 28 Credits
OSTD 3005 Organizational Foundations* 3
OSTD 3205 Interpersonal Relations in Organizations 3
OSTD 3305 Team Dynamics 3
OSTD 4105 Concepts and Theories of Leadership 3
OSTD 4805 Organizational Theory and Practice* 3
PST 3850 Portfolio Pro Seminar 1
PST 3100 Accounting Concepts for Professionals* 3
PST 3200 Human Resources in Organizations 3
PST 3300 Legal Issues in Organizations 3
PST 3400 Marketing Strategies for Organizations* 3
Customized Series of Electives 21 Credits
General Electives 21 Credits
Total 121 Credits


If you're interested in learning more about this program, please contact: 

Justin Smith Justin Smith, MSHE
Community Outreach Coordinator 
Saint Louis University
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*Due to Saint Louis University School of Business AACSB accreditation standards, School for Professional Studies students may not apply more than 30 credit hours of "business related" courses toward their degree. Courses marked with an asterisk are included in that total.