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Industry leaders, sharing real-world experience

The School for Professional Studies provides education to its students using top-quality, industry experts. Faculty at SPS come from a wide range of for-profit and not-for-profit employers and have a wide range of expertise. They integrate theory, research and practice into the classroom environment to ensure that students receive an education that they can use in their daily lives.


Jennifer Giancola Matthew Grawitch, Ph.D. John Buerck, Ph.D.  John Ragsdale
Jennifer Giancola, Ph.D.,
Interim Dean,
Tenured Associate Professor 
Matthew Grawitch, Ph.D.,
Associate Dean, 
Graduate and Professional Education 
John Buerck, Ph.D.,
Associate Dean, 
Academic Affairs 
John Ragsdale, Ph.D.,
Associate Dean, 
Learning and Outcome Assessment 


SLU Faculty in the School for Professional Studies

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