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Applied Analytics Bridge Program

Accelerated Applied Analytics Program at SLU

The accelerated bachelor's to master's program in Applied Analytics (BS/MS) is designed for working professionals wishing to pursue a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and professional master's degree while maintaining part- or full-time employment. With courses offered in both blended formats at our St. Louis, Missouri campus and online in an accelerated 8-week term, this bachelor's-master's bridge program makes advanced education more accessible for working professionals.

Students can take two classes (six credit hours) at the undergraduate level that will count toward completion of both the undergraduate degree and the M.S. degree, pending acceptance into the program. In addition, students may request permission to take up to two of the graduate-level Applied Analytics courses as a part of their undergraduate education (this applies to students in any online program at SPS as well). If accepted to the M.S. Applied Analytics program, these two courses would be applied toward the degree completion requirements. If the six hours of undergraduate coursework and graduate coursework are both completed, this would reduce the credit hours required to complete the Master's program to only 24. Students are required to have a 3.0 GPA in their major and minor coursework taken at SPS in order to be granted permission to take these graduate level courses.

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Application Requirements

All potential students must apply directly to, and be accepted into, the School for Professional Studies (SPS) in order to enroll in this accelerated bachelor's-master's bridge program. Once admitted to SPS, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the major, minor/certificate, and master's-level bridge courses in order to advance in the Applied Analytics bridge program. To complete the remaining 24 credit hours required by the MS Applied Analytics program, SPS students must apply and be accepted into the graduate program. As per the current standards, no transfer course is accepted toward the master's degree if the student receives a letter grade below "B".

If you have already completed your bachelor's degree, check out the Master's Degree in Applied Analytics. To learn more about the program, request information today or give us a call at 1-800-734-6736.

Director of the M.S. in Applied Analytics program: Dr. Srikanth Mudigonda

Courses for Applied Analytics Bridge Program

Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems
General Studies Core
credit hours:
Computer Information Systems Major
credit hours:
Applied Analytics Bridge Program Courses
AA 5250
credit hours:
General Electives
credit hours:
Bachelor's of Science degree credit hours:
Master's in Applied Analytics
Technology and Leadership Development Courses
ORLD 5030
credit hours:
Capstone Courses
credit hours:
Master's in Applied Analytics credit hours:
total credit hours:

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