Saint Louis University

Show your future employers you have broad-based knowledge, self-discipline and are trainable

A Bachelor's degree in General Studies covers the basics of a university education. It also shows employers that you can start something and finish it, have a thirst for knowledge, and can be trained in a variety of tasks.

Our Bachelor's in General Studies degree prepares you for a variety of careers or for continuing education through improving:

  • Comprehension
  • Speaking and writing skills
  • Critical thinking

Where can you work after completing this liberal arts program?

The industries and careers in general studies available to you are seemingly endless and may include: advertising, business, marketing, project management and more. For many professional careers, a Bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for even applying for a job – a Bachelor's degree in General Studies fulfills that requirement. Other graduates used their General Studies program degree as a stepping stone to continuing education.

Average salary and career growth depend on the industry you enter after earning your General Studies degree. With Saint Louis University's Bachelor's degree in General Studies – you have nearly endless possibilities!