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Reach New Heights with a Job in Aviation Management!

As a major source of transportation for people worldwide, the airline industry continues to employ large numbers of qualified workers. Those with formal education or specialized training increasingly have the most luck finding employment in aviation industry careers due to heavy job competition. A unique benefit for graduates of the online Aviation Management program at Saint Louis University is that with education in public speaking, communication, ethics, project management and more as a foundation for this program, you are not only prepared for aviation management jobs, but also administrative and management openings elsewhere. Specialized courses in areas such as safety management, aviation finance and international aviation familiarize you for aviation industry careers. In the air transportation industry, airline classifications fall into several distinct areas, all of which need employees with strong organizational and leadership skills. These include:

  • Network carriers
  • Low-cost carriers
  • Regional carriers
  • Air cargo

With Saint Louis University’s online Aviation Management degree, you can pursue aviation management jobs that include business and financial operations, which are projected to grow just over 11% by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Expansion is expected in international and business travel especially. Earnings for management positions in aviation industry careers averaged to $49,390 in 2008, and these workers typically enjoy standard benefits and occasionally union membership.