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Information Security and Assurance Degree at Saint Louis University

Online Information Security and Assurance Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems

The Information Security & Assurance track of this degree is for busy adults like you interested in learning more about the security of computer systems and networks.

In our Information Security & Assurance track, students will gain the knowledge and skills that are essential in securing the information assets of an organization and ensuring that data can only be created, accessed and modified by only those with the requisite privileges.

As part of the Computer Information Systems (CIS) technology program at Saint Louis University, students will complete a capstone project as a means for assessing learning outcomes and enhancing personal and professional development.

Upon completion of the Information Security & Assurance CIS degree at SLU, students will be prepared for employment opportunities in a variety of businesses and organizations. The increased use of information technology has caused the demand for highly-qualified information technology professionals to grow.

IT professionals can expect a strong job outlook thanks to new developing technologies. The demand for increased efficiency in network technology, cloud computing, virtualization, computer speeds, software, and computer systems will continue to boost growth in this field. With experience, computer scientist can move into management and project leadership roles within a company. Most computer scientists are employed by software publishing firms, scientific research organizations, development organizations or educational facilities.

Students who pursue our computer programming training should be able to think logically and creatively. Students should also have strong math and technical skills. Attention to detail and the ability to multitask are essential to this profession as computer scientists regularly deal with a number of jobs at one time. Learn more about the careers for graduates with a Information Security & Assurance Degree in Computer Information Systems.

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Courses for Information Security and Assurance Degree at Saint Louis University

General Studies Core
credit hours:
Foundation Courses
CIS 4900
No course in the major will be accepted toward graduation if the student receives a letter grade below "C". Any student who fails a course two times may be dismissed from the Computer Information Systems major/minor or certificate program.
credit hours:
Information Security and Assurance Track
credit hours:
General Electives
credit hours:
total credit hours:

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