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Web Technologies Degree at Saint Louis University

Online Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems

The Web Technologies track of the Computer Information Systems degree is for busy adults like you that want to develop their digital communication skills for the web. 

With a Web Technologies degree at Saint Louis University, students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for the creation and application of web-applications to meet the communication, product and/or service-related goals of an organization. 

This program highlights the multidimensional use of technology to translate information into knowledge, assisting the decision maker across a variety of academic disciplines and professional fields. It incorporates the study of ways data is collected, organized, represented and managed.

As part of the computer information systems degree program, students will complete a capstone project as a means for assessing learning outcomes and enhancing personal and professional development.

Students in our computer information systems web technologies program should have knowledge and experience of computers and posses strong problem-solving skills. Students should be able to think logically, multitask and pay attention to detail.

Job opportunities for individuals in the Web Technologies program look strong thanks to the widespread use of the internet, cloud computing and virtualization for all aspects of business from internal and external communications to e-commerce. Learn more about the careers for graduates with a Web Technologies Degree in Computer Information Systems.

Courses for Web Technologies Degree at Saint Louis University

General Studies Core
credit hours:
Foundation Courses
CIS 4900
No course in the major will be accepted toward graduation if the student receives a letter grade below "C". Any student who fails a course two times may be dismissed from the Computer Information Systems major/minor or certificate program.
credit hours:
Web Technologies Track
CIS 4650
credit hours:
General Electives
credit hours:
total credit hours:

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