Saint Louis University

Student applications will be evaluated by the admission committee. The priority deadline for applications is April 1 for fall admission (July 1 as space permits). Students may be admitted for the spring term on a case-by-case basis only.

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Minimal qualifications for obtained acceptance into the program are the following:

  • Work Experience: Applicant must be employed on at least a part-time basis (20 hours or more per week) and have at least 3 years of work experience
  • Undergraduate GPA: 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale- Students with a GPA less than 3.00 will be considered for probationary admission. They must obtain a minimum grade of "B" in each of the first two classes to become a fully Classified student. The GPA requirement applies even to students bridging from the School for Professional Studies Organizational Studies Program.
  • Course work in the following areas:
    • At least 1 undergraduate leadership or organizational theory course
    • At least 1 basic statistics or research methods course
    • At least 1 psychology course, General Psychology accepted
    • At least 1 business-related course
    • Students missing any of the pre-requisites will be permitted to fulfill those at SPS prior to acceptance into the LOD program
  • It is expected that incoming students have a basic, working knowledge of a standard word processing program (e.g., Microsoft Word), a standard spreadsheet or database program (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SPSS), and a standard presentation program (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint).
  • Three references must complete an assessment of the applicant (e.g.,faculty members, employers, co-workers)
  • Transcripts
  • Provide a personal goal statement (max of 5 pages) describing: (a) why a Master's degree in Leadership and Organizational Development is needed within the applicant's job or career area, (b) why the applicant feels the M.A. program at SLU will help meet that need, and (c) evidence to support the students assertions, utilizing appropriate citations as necessary.
  • All applicants will be required to submit a current resume or curriculum vita with application materials.