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In today's business environment of technological change, globalization, competition and social responsibility, there is a tremendous need for individuals who can lead organizations through difficult choices and drive actions toward valued goals. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects high-level executive and management jobs to grow much faster than average nearly across the board. Additionally, employees with a master's degree earn $200-$300 more per week and have a lower turnover rate than those with a bachelor's degree.

Organizations are searching for professionals capable of facilitating strategic change, fluent in designing cross-cultural interventions, and experienced in work designs that are both productive and satisfying.

Saint Louis University's Master's Degree in Leadership & Organizational Development prepares you to pursue careers in today's dynamic multi-disciplinary work place. Through our Leadership & Organizational Development program, at our St. Louis, Missouri campus and online, you will develop a portable set of knowledge and skills that aren't about how to perform your job, but are about how to be a leader as it applies to your current job, your future job and all areas of your life.

What's more, leadership is a competency that can make a strong positive contribution at all levels of any organization. The benefits to you, your organization, and your career increase significantly with a Master's degree from our Leadership & Organizational Development program when your work role involves any of the following requirements.

  1. Does your role involve managing the talent of an organization?
    Most supervisory and management roles in an organization involve finding ways to identify talented workers and create an engaging work environment. In the Leadership & Organizational Development Program, at the Saint Louis, Missouri campus and online, you will learn how to better motivate and inspire others, as a way to increase engagement and optimize results.

  2. Does your role involve human resource functions?
    Human resource roles involve working with employees across the organization, from sales and marketing to production to finance. These roles focus on improving the way employees interface with the organization. In many cases, human resource professionals also design and deliver training throughout the organization. In the Leadership & Organizational Development Program, you will take leadership and management courses at Saint Louis University as well as learn how to create a work environment that supports employee development - one that optimizes both organizational effectiveness and employee well-being.

  3. Does your role involve developing a strategy and seeking commitment to that strategy?
    Key decision makers in organizations are required to think and act strategically. Strategic thinking and action requires attention to the long-term, the big picture so to speak. Unfortunately, most people are not naturally-inclined to think and act strategically, and many key decision makers have never had the opportunity to actually develop their strategic competencies. In the Leadership & Organizational Development Program, you will be provided developmental opportunities to sharpen your strategic leadership skills, emphasizing such areas as visioning, empowerment, scenario planning, and strategic planning.

  4. Does your role involve designing, overseeing, or leading change initiatives in the organization?
    Many roles within an organization require involvement in change initiatives. Organizational development functions often have the primary responsibility for change management; but human resource professionals, managers, and executives often are required to develop, oversee, lead, and obtain buy in for new change initiatives. In the Leadership & Organizational Development Program you will learn the skills and competencies necessary to effectively lead change initiatives through leadership and management courses. Whether those changes are small (such as a departmental training program) or large (such as organizational re-structuring), the program will provide you with opportunities to improve the way you think about, plan, and execute change in your organization.

Obtaining a Master's in Leadership & Organizational Development through Saint Louis University's online master's program is an important step in both advancing professional development and enhancing career opportunities and satisfaction.

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