Saint Louis University

Suggested application deadlines for admission:

  • Fall start: July 1
  • Spring start: November 1
  • Summer start: April 1 

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Completed student applications will be evaluated by an admissions committee if the following minimum requirements are met by an applicant:

  • Undergraduate degree: An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.
  • Work experience: Applicant must be employed on at least a part-time basis (20 hours or more per week) and have at least 3 years of work experience.
  • Undergraduate GPA: 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Students with a GPA less than 3.00 will be considered for probationary admission. They must obtain a minimum grade of "B" in each of the first two classes to become a fully-classified student. The GPA requirement also applies to students bridging from the School for Professional Studies Computer Information Systems program.
  • Course work in the following areas:
    • At least one course in information systems/technology or a programming language.
    • At least one basic statistics or research methods course.
    • It is expected that incoming students have a working knowledge of a standard word processing program (e.g., Microsoft Word), a standard spreadsheet or database program (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access), and a standard presentation program (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint).
  • Three references must complete an assessment of the applicant (e.g., faculty members, employers, co-workers)
  • Official transcripts of all prior post-secondary education, sent directly by the student's prior academic institutions to SLU
  • A 500-word personal statement articulating:
    • why a Master's degree in Applied Analytics is needed within the applicant's job or career area
    • how the applicant feels that the M.S. program at SLU will meet that need
    • evidence and well-reasoned argument to support the student's assertions, along with appropriate citations
  • A current resume