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Complete an Online Contract Management Program at Saint Louis University

The Contract Management certification program is designed to provide professional education in the field of contract management and administration.

Because of requirements set forth by the U.S. federal government, employers that apply for, obtain, and manage government contracts need to ensure that their employees can effectively navigate the contracting process. Though the skills obtained in the SPS Contract Management program are focused on government contracting, these same skills can be utilized in other contracting areas as well.

With a Contract Management certificate or minor, you will gain knowledge and skills in procuring, negotiating, and administering contracts with suppliers, distributors, and end-product users. You will also become proficient at developing financially and legally sound contracts as applicable to a variety of industries in domestic and foreign markets. These skills can prepare you to become a certified contract manager or to apply for other positions in the contract management field.

This program can be taken as a minor combined with a major in pursuit of a bachelor's degree, or as a stand-alone certificate. Coursework for both the minor and certificate consists of six required courses for a total of 18 credit hours.

If you're looking for contract management courses online, the Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies offers courses in an accelerated format designed for busy adults. 

The Contract Management program is offered through Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies (SPS) in partnership with The Boeing Company and is available in an online and on-ground format to both Boeing employees and non-Boeing employees.

NCMA Education PartnerNCMA Education Partnership - NCMA will accept coursework completed in the Contract Management minor or certificate to fulfill its continuing education requirements toward eligibility for the certification program requirements. Successful completion of the exams, combined with the eligibility requirements, is necessary to earn NCMA certification (CFCM, CCCM, and CPCM). These contract management certifications are held in the highest regard within the contracting industry, both in the government and commercial arenas.

NCMA is the leading association for contract management professionals. Representing more than 17,000 contract management professionals, the NCMA provides a forum to enhance knowledge and leverage business opportunities. Founded in 1959, NCMA was formed to foster the growth and educational advancement of its members and contracting professionals.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements and the benefits of becoming a certified contracts manager at

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Careers in Contract Management
At Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies, we help you achieve your career goals. After you complete your minor or certificate in Contract Management, you can expect to advance in your current field or make that career change. Learn more about becoming a certified contract manager and other career opportunities within the contract management field.

Location and Scheduling
We offer contract management courses online, in 8-week sessions.

The Boeing Company will pay the tuition for Boeing employees upon completion of a course, including up to $150 reimbursement for required books per course. Non-Boeing employees may visit the Tuition & Financial Aid section for information on tuition, payment options and scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

Application Process
All potential students must apply directly to and be accepted into SPS in order to enroll in the program.

Director of the Contract Management program: Andrew Molnar, PMP

Review the Gainful Employment Disclosure for this certificate.

Courses for Contract Management Certificate & Minor

Required Courses
PMGT 2020
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