Saint Louis University

Earn a certificate in contract management with SLU.

We partnered with The Boeing Company. We're also a National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Education Partner. This combination allows us to provide you with professional education in contract management and administration, while you apply your completed credit hours toward NCMA certification.

With a minor or certificate in contract management, you can participate in procuring, negotiating, and administering contracts with suppliers, distributors and end-product users. This will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to advance your career and pursue such jobs as:

  • contracting specialist
  • pricing analyst
  • contracts administrator
  • procurement agent
  • contract/subcontract specialist

So much goes on in the business world. It's linked to our personal lives, our government and our families. Companies need someone who is familiar with contracts and everything that goes along with them. This is why a certificate in contract management can give you the knowledge and experience that is in demand in today's business world.

Don't just listen to us. Hear what our students had to say.

"I can fine tune my skill set in contract management thanks to the partnership formed with SLU and The Boeing Company."
- Janell Bursac, Phantom Works/Integrated Defense Advanced Systems, Supplier Management and Procurement, St. Louis Site Leader, The Boeing Company

"Professional Studies worked with The Boeing Company to develop the Contract Management program and has done a terrific job in making it successful and educational."
- Ken Bayless, Business Manager, The Boeing Company