Saint Louis University

Implementing psychology in the workplace
A degree in psychology can open several doors to your future career, especially with its growing popularity. With Saint Louis University’s Industrial-Organizational Psychology program in Missouri, students can apply the principles of organizational psychology to address personnel, administration, management, sales and marketing problems. As a graduate from SLU’s organizational psychology program your career responsibilities are composed of:

  • Policy planning
  • Employee screening
  • Training and development
  • Organizational development analysis
  • Intervention

The growing need for industrial-organizational psychology
Saint Louis University provides quality industrial psychology certification in Missouri, and the job outlook for industrial psychology continues to remain on the rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology accounts for a median annual salary of $83, 260.

Businesses are constantly hiring the services of these particular psychologists in order to help retain employees, cut down on turnover rates and to promote a good work ethic company wide. Industrial-organizational psychologists are often called upon to conduct research within companies to aid in marketing research, assessment and intervention impacting an organization’s personnel. Industrial-organizational psychologists may also work alongside management to help reorganize work environments as a means to increase worker productivity.