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  • Cyber Attacks Panel Discussion

    Many are asking if 2011 is the year of the cyber attack. Globally, numerous government entities and companies have already been attacked by Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

    These threats are not simple one-time hacker attempts, but sophisticated ongoing cyber attacks that steal and change sensitive data and information over a long-term period.

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  • Jennifer Giancola, Ph.D. and Tony Gallini (School for Professional Studies), Claire Bira (development) and Katie Becherer (student) were quoted in a St. Louis Beacon story about graduate education.

    The new face of graduate students

    Recent graduates like Bira and Lenihan are part of a demographic change in graduate students. "The traditional-aged student is a shrinking population," said Jennifer Giancola (right), dean of the School for Professional Studies at St. Louis University.

    In the past, a traditional graduate student was one who entered graduate school full-time after completing a bachelor's degree. Today, graduate programs see a wider range of students, from 22-year-old recent graduates to early retirees from the workforce.

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  • A commentary by Drew Stevens, Ph.D. (School for Professional Studies) about the relationship between customer service and higher profits ran on

    When you treat your customers right they tell other customers. Trader Joe's is a private company of nearly 300 stores, fashioned after an island trading post. Many employees are visibly thrilled to be there. Unlike mainstream supermarkets, these are a very engaging group of people. Employees are visibly excited about helping consumers and they constantly ask if shoppers need assistance. Growth has been organic because of the praise that prospective consumers gain from regulars. 

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  • Matthew Grawitch, Ph.D. (School for Professional Studies) was quoted on about psychologically healthy workplaces.

    "Engagement is about feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally present while you are completing your work tasks. Being present means you're not distracted by worries at home. Being present means you're not thinking about something else you'd rather be doing. True, your boss can have a positive impact on the engagement experience, but there are many factors that can influence 'presence.'" 


  • Drew Stevens, Ph.D. (School for Professional Studies) was quoted on the website Changing Minds about the importance of customer service.

    The best method for creating a customer culture is hiring. It is important you recruit and hire personnel based on their customer service talents. Talent is a skill set that cannot be taught. The easiest method is looking for people who have the empathy and skill for handling customer situations. Disney and McDonald's spend inordinate sums of money and time investing in the hiring process. A strategic investment in this area will provide long-term gains, higher profits and less employee attrition. 

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  • A commentary by Drew Stevens, Ph.D. (School for Professional Studies) about key habits for effective sales leaders ran on the business website Changing Minds.

    In my new book (Customer Acceleration - How to Acquire and Retain Clients with Velocity), I outline the essential habits of those sales representatives and their sales managers that have the skills and techniques to develop customer center relationships and accelerate revenue. 

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  • A commentary by Drew Stevens, Ph.D. (School for Professional Studies) about imminent changes for sales forces on Lead-Zine e-Magazine:

    Customers do not want or need to be sold. In fact they know more about your business, your industry and your company than ever before. If they want it they will connect with you. Customers are smarter and more connected than ever. That said, the key differentiator is the service, support and systems you provide to engage clients. 

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  • Matthew Grawitch, Ph.D. (School for Professional Studies) was quoted on KSDK about office more going up when the St. Louis Cardinals win.

    Dr. Matt Grawitch, St. Louis University, said, "Essentially what happens is people feel comradery with other people in the workplace, this can be improved even more when people at work are showing up in their Cardinal red. They come down, they sit around and talk about the game at the water cooler."

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  • School of Professional Studies Hosts Record-breaking Trivia Night

    The annual Trivia Night and Auction hosted by the School for Professional Studies was a huge success this year. Led by members of the SPS Executive Advisory Board and the Alumni Board, the event hosted more than 400 guests and raised more than $9,000 for the SPS Servant Leadership Scholarship Fund.

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