Saint Louis University

Dr. Craig A. Boyd, Associate Professor of Philosophy, in the School for Professional Studies at Saint Louis University, has published a new book with co-editor Kevin Timpe (PhD, Saint Louis University, philosophy). The book out this week titled, "Virtues and Their Vices" (Oxford University Press), is the only extant contemporary, comprehensive treatment of specific virtues and, where applicable, their competing vices.

The book is a compilation of essays, written exclusively for this volume, that locates discussion of a virtue in its historical context, but also advances the discussion and debate concerning the understanding and role of the virtues. The first four sections focuses on a particular, historically important class of virtues: the cardinal virtues, the capital vices and corrective virtues, intellectual virtues and the theological virtues. The final section discusses the role virtue theory and the virtues themselves play in a number of disciplines, ranging from theology and political theory to neurobiology and feminism. Also included in the volume are contributions by other Saint Louis University Faculty from the Department of Philosophy, Dr. John Greco and Dr. Colleen McCluskey. Fr. Andrew Pinsent PhD, (Saint Louis University, philosophy) also contributed to the volume.

The treatment of the virtues is sensitive to the historical heritage of the virtues, including their theological heritage, without paying undue attention to the historical and theological issues. "Virtues and Their Vices" engages contemporary philosophical scholarship as well as relevant scholarship from related disciplines throughout. It is a unique and compelling addition to the philosophical treatment of the virtues as well as their import in a wide spectrum of disciplines.

About Dr. Craig Boyd:
Dr. Craig A. Boyd is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy and Liaison for Philosophy and Theological Studies at St. Louis University. He has published two books: "A Shared Morality: A Narrative Defense of Natural Law Ethics," and "Visions of Agapé: Problems and Possibilities in Divine and Human Love." Boyd received his Bachelor's in Philosophy & Religious Studies from Greenville College (IL), a Master's in Humanities from Western Kentucky University, and his Doctorate of Philosophy from Saint Louis University (1996).