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Assessments for Organizational Health

OHI can provide an organization with a variety of assessment services.

Ranging from Healthy Workplace Audits to comprehensive assessments, OHI assessments rely on techniques including web-based surveys, focus groups and individual interviews as a way to provide an organization with data that can be used for action planning and intervention design.

Healthy Workplace Audits are designed to be completed by a member of human resources, management or senior leadership. They are intended to provide a quick glimpse of potential leverage areas for the organization and to stimulate discussion around organizational health and healthy workplace topics. These audits are designed to be completed online, and each audit takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. OHI members will then produce a report that will be used during a 1-2 hour feedback session.

OHI offers three types of initial audits:

  1. A specific practice audit,
  2. A general audit of healthy workplace practices, and
  3. An audit of organizational effectiveness and employee well-being.

Comprehensive assessments are available for organizations that are interested in gaining a greater level of detail about their healthy workplace practices or the health and well-being of the workforce. OHI can also tailor specific assessments to meet the unique needs of an organization.

Four general types of comprehensive assessments are offered by OHI:

  1. Assessment of employee health and well-being,
  2. Assessment of healthy workplace practices,
  3. Assessment of a specific practice or set of practices, and 
  4. Assessment tailored to an organizational outcome.


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