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Do you have questions about Saint Louis University's School for Professional Studies? You've come to the right place! Here, you can find information on what programs we offer, whether one is right for you, why online education is beneficial, the differences between online and traditional courses, and more! Learn everything you need to know about completing courses online or through an evening format.

What degree programs are offered through the School for Professional Studies?

SLU for Busy Adults offers both online and on-campus Bachelor's, Master's and Certificates. For a full list of majors and programs, click here.


What are the benefits of taking accelerated or online classes?

SLU's School for Professional Studies offers classes specifically designed to benefit busy, working adults. When you take an online class you can work toward your degree at a time and place that fits best with your schedule. Many of our accelerated degree programs feature evening and weekend classes that don't interfere with your career. We also offer blended courses that feature a combination of online coursework and on-ground meetings. Classes are in a convenient eight-week term instead of a 16-week semester. With five eight-week terms throughout the year, you can start at a time that works for you.

How do I know if accelerated or online programs are right for me?

SLU's School for Professional Studies designs their degree and certificate programs specifically for busy, working adults who want to further their education but may have career and family responsibilities. While our programs are meant to accommodate the lifestyle of a nontraditional student, it is still a good idea to think about if the programs will work for you.

The best way to know if accelerated or online programs are a good fit for your life is to ask yourself a few important questions before you begin, including:

• What is my purpose for going back to school?
• Am I looking for personal enrichment?
• Do I want to increase my earning power?
• Do I wish to advance with my current job or change careers?
• Would I like to be more of a role model for my family?
• Can I commit the time and motivation to study on my own schedule?
• Do I have evenings and weekends free?
• Am I comfortable enrolling in a completely online program?

How are the courses offered through the School for Professional Studies different from traditional ground courses?

Our courses feature the same high-quality curriculum, experienced faculty members and challenging environment as our ground campus provides. However, our courses are specifically designed with busy, working professionals in mind. Our programs are meant to be completed by adults who are maintaining part- or full-time employment. With the convenience of on-campus courses, blended courses that feature both on-campus and online components, and totally online courses, adults can earn their degree through a high-quality academic institution in a format tailored to their lifestyle.SLU adult students in class

Are the online programs offered through the School for Professional Studies different than traditional courses?

Our online programs offered through the School for Professional Studies combine the prestige of our nationally and internationally ranked institution with the flexibility and affordability of earning your degree anywhere, anytime. All of our online courses feature the same high-quality curriculum and interaction with our experienced faculty members.

Is earning a degree online or through an accelerated program as good as attending a campus and getting a degree?

Yes - it just depends what format works best for you! Because we offer the same quality curriculum and experienced instructors as our on-campus classes, many of our adult students find that our online and accelerated degree programs are ideal for their busy lifestyles. Whether an online or accelerated format is right for you is an important question to think about.

Is an accelerated degree from the School for Professional Studies as beneficial as traditional degrees in helping me in my career?

Yes! Our accelerated degree programs feature applicable knowledge and skills that you can bring into the workplace. Our entire curriculum is designed to take from our classroom lessons directly to the organizations you work in. In fact, 90 percent of our graduates are either working or in graduate school six months after graduating. Among those, 95 percent are working in their chosen field.

Are the degree programs accredited?

Accreditation is critical to a school because it guarantees the students that the curricula and student body performance meet or exceed particular standards. Being regionally accredited is the most recognized type of accreditation in the United States.

Saint Louis University's accredited adult degree programs are reviewed and evaluated by the Higher Learning Committee of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The HLC has been the continual accrediting body of Saint Louis University since 1916. The accrediting body requires SLU to undergo any necessary improvements needed in its professional commitment to a mission of providing exceptional education to students.

How much does it cost? What is the tuition rate for the School for Professional Studies?

When you graduate from the School for Professional Studies, you earn a degree from Saint Louis University (but at half the cost of the traditional day school at SLU). Our reduced tuition is competitively priced with other adult programs in the area. We even offer several scholarships exclusively for adults students. For the list of tuition fees and costs for SLU, click here

How long will the School for Professional Studies allow me to take when completing the accelerated degree program?

Students must complete a minimum of one SPS course each academic year in order to maintain an active status.

How many courses are recommended to take at one time?

Students typically take one or two classes per term. There are five terms per year.

How quickly can I earn my degree by taking courses in this format?

The amount of time you spend at the School for Professional Studies greatly depends on if you are a transfer student or just starting your degree. Your academic advisor can help you create a customized academic plan.

What if I have a question on a lesson or assignment?

For class-specific questions, your instructor should always be your first source of information. For broader questions, we offer a range of services, including tutoring, writing, library and technical support that you can contact. If you can't find an answer to your question, you can contact your academic advisor or email "Ask SPS" at, and someone from the School for Professional Studies will contact you as quickly as possible.

How are tests and assignments handled?

Tests and assignments are administered through SLU Global, the online learning system.

What are the computer systems/equipment requirements necessary to complete accelerated courses?

All you need to access your courses in an online program is a computer with an Internet connection. However, there are a few requirements you must meet to guarantee full participation. View the requirements here

I'm interested in taking accelerated courses, how can I get started?

If you're ready to start our accelerated or online degree programs, you can apply in our undergraduate degree programs here or our graduate degree programs here.


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