Saint Louis University

The Associate's to Bachelor's Program enables students to transfer most of the coursework taken at an accredited community college or junior college into a bachelor's program at SPS.

Provided that grades are "C" or better, a balanced AA or AS degree may be accepted in lieu of SPS's core requirements with the exception of the Moral and Ethical Development courses. These courses are Philosophy and Theology, which must be completed in their entirety with six credit hours in each.

A balanced AA or AS consists of at least one approved three-credit hour college level course from each of the core curriculum areas of the school. Applicants who meet this criteria may be admitted with junior status.

Coursework taken at the two-year institution that may be applied toward a student's intended major will be evaluated by the appropriate chair for transferable credit. The maximum number of hours accepted in transfer with an AA or AS degree, from all sources, is 64.

This policy is not applicable for the Social Work program that has a preset core.