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  1. Only college-level transfer courses with grade C or above will be considered for acceptance and application toward a Saint Louis University degree.
  2. The cumulative GPA for transfer courses is calculated on all grades from college-level courses of all colleges attended.
  3. In the case of repeated transfer courses, grades will be calculated according to the policy of the institution from which the two courses were taken.
  4. Only transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions will be considered for transfer to Saint Louis University.
  5. The maximum number of transferable community college hours is 64. The maximum number of transferable credit hours from an accredited four year institution is 90.
  6. Developmental, secretarial, and highly technical courses of an applied nature may not transfer.
  7. Due to Saint Louis University School of Business AACSB accreditation standards, School for Professional Studies students may not apply more than 30 credit hours of "business related" courses toward their degree.
  8. Transfer course work will be evaluated and accepted in relationship to the specific degree sought in SPS. In order for transfer credits to apply to courses within the major or minor fields, the transferring coursework must have been completed within ten years (excepting ENGL 1905, or its equivalent, for which coursework must have been completed within five years; see English Comp. Transfer Credit Policy, below). Classes that meet core curriculum and elective requirements will be accepted, regardless of age, unless the course is required for the student's major or minor. Special considerations for specific classes will be examined on a case-by-case basis.
  9. There is a standard of writing proficiency at Saint Louis University that students in SPS are required to demonstrate. To assure fulfillment, transfer credits in composition will be held in escrow. If below standard writing skills are demonstrated in SPS classes, students will be required to retake course work in writing to meet the proficiency requirement. Writing proficiency can be established through a written examination. If proficiency in writing is demonstrated, the transfer credit in composition will be accepted. (See English Comp. Transfer Credit Policy, below.)
  10. Official course evaluations will be performed after ALL official transcripts and supporting documents have been received. An official academic plan will then be completed to identify courses accepted toward the degree.

English Comp. Transfer Credit Policy

All first-time freshmen, readmitted and transfer students admitted into SPS must complete the English composition placement exam unless they have successfully completed a composition course within the last five years.

Students who successfully completed a composition course more than five years before their date of admission into SPS will be awarded transfer credit based on the results of their placement exam score, as outlined in the table below.

Tested into ENGL 1505Tested into ENGL 1905
Completed ENGL 1505
or equivalent
No credits; must take whichever
course was tested into
Credit for ENGL 1505;
must take ENGL 1905
Completed ENGL 1905
or equivalent
No credits; must take whichever
course was tested into
Credit for ENGL 1905 
(and ENGL 1505 if applicable)


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