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Online Degree Programs at Saint Louis University
Saint Louis University's School for Professional Studies is designed for working adults, with convenient and flexible online degree programs that fit your busy schedule. 

The virtual classroom is a significant part of today's educational community. Online classes are not the same as traditional, on-campus classes.

Online classes at SLU online are taught in an "asynchronous" format, meaning that the students, instructor and other students do not have to be "logged" into the classroom at the same time. Courses are organized into weekly tasks so that students are not working significantly ahead of or behind others in the class.

Online classes are not for everyone. The level of social interaction in the virtual classroom can be very high, but it is not the same as being on campus.

The opportunity to do coursework online anytime, anywhere places unique responsibilities on the student to manage and complete the course. Yet, "flexibility" does not mean "easy, " and online classes can be more labor-intensive and time-consuming than traditional classes.

Blended classes are another popular option at SPS because they are a combination of online coursework and on-ground meetings. This combination presents students with the opportunity to ease into the online format as they still have the face-to-face interaction with instructor and classmates while minimizing the number of trips to campus because the class meets less often.

Benefits of Online Learning

The online course format provides working students optional ways to complete some of their SPS coursework. Online classes reach students disadvantaged by time constraints, distance, or physical disability. In addition to the access and convenience of educational opportunities, students will be exposed to different learning environments and instruction that promote intellectual discovery and practical application to virtual settings.

Participation in an online class also:

  • Enhances technological expertise
  • Increases critical and conceptual thinking
  • Expands uses of resources outside of textbook and library
  • Provides immediate information that is a "click" away
  • Motivates and empowers students to move beyond the course site
  • Promotes interaction with instructor and other students
  • Promotes and encourages recursive learning
  • Links the student to practical applications of theory

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Quality Matters Online Learning at SLU

The School for Professional Studies at Saint Louis University is committed to providing quality online instruction to our students. We are applying rigorous, nationally recognized Quality Matters standards in an effort to continuously improve the design and delivery of all online courses within the school. Our goal is that students needing the flexibility of online education will have access to coursework designed and delivered to meet the highest standards and best practices for online learning.