Saint Louis University

Access your courses from just about any computer with an Internet connection. Public access or workplace access may be limited due to firewalls.*

SLU utilizes Blackboard as its online course management system. SLU SPS courses may be accessed at

Specific courses may have additional hardware and software requirements; please read the syllabus from your instructor for further information. 

At a minimum you will need to have the following:

  • Access to a desktop or laptop*
  • Internet connectivity**
  • Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser - certified by Blackboard (please note: Internet Explorer is not supported)
  • Word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or OpenOffice
  • Presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Docs or OpenOffice
  • PDF reader such as Adobe Reader
  • Access to SLU email - details on how to access your account
  • Java 

*You should ensure that your Internet Service Provider does not have a firewall as it may interfere with certain online course features. This mainly happens in workplace settings. If you are accessing course content from a computer system at your workplace, be aware that many companies have strict firewall and internet security protocols and policies which may prohibit you from accessing course content. 

**High-speed Internet access is recommended. Students using older, slower computers may have difficulty accessing the course or some of its functions or getting course pages to load in a timely manner. Likewise, connecting to the Internet via a dial-up connection will decrease the speed with which students can interact with course material; audio or video files will take substantially longer to load, and may appear choppy, or not at all.