Saint Louis University

All online coursework at SLU online takes place in a virtual classroom environment, using the web browser-based program Blackboard. You will not have to download any additional software to use it, as the program runs on the internet.

To access Blackboard, log in at the mySLU website, then click on the Blackboard icon:

Note: you cannot make a bookmark to Blackboard directly, as you can only log in through the mySLU website.

Once inside Blackboard, you will have the opportunity to interact with instructors and classmates on several levels. Class discussions take place in a message board format or during online chats; homework assignments and handouts - including audio and video - are exchanged via the file manager; instructors may even opt to hold virtual "office hours, " during which you may consult with them.

Additional tools such as direct access to your SLU Google e-mail account, a personal planning calendar, and the ability to create your own online student profile make Blackboard a dynamic tool for class interaction.

Click here for a short video introduction to Blackboard. This video will demonstrate how to:

  • Log in
  • Navigate to your course(s)
  • Get started with your course(s)