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Deferred Payment Option

SPS offers special financial arrangements for students whose employers reimburse tuition costs after completion of a course. Students must submit documentation indicating the employer's reimbursement amount and the student's eligibility to the Office of Student Accounts prior to the beginning of each semester this option is to be used. Tuition or fees not paid by employers are due on the regular payment due dates.

Under this option, students are responsible for the full tuition amount, whether or not the reimbursement is received. Additionally, a 1% per month finance charge will be assessed on open balances after the deferred payment due date. Payment must be received prior to the deferred deadline to ensure continued eligibility for deferment and prevent late fees and holds on future registration.

To expedite the process, SPS has provided this Tuition Deferment Form to fill out and submit. Please direct your questions and/or submit the completed form to: 

Carolyn Merkel, One Grand Blvd, DuBourg Hall, Room 121, St. Louis, MO  63103
phone: 314.977.2405, fax: 314.977.1102, email:

Additional Details

  • If students do not make financial arrangements prior to the published due dates, all course registrations may be cancelled.
  • A hold will be placed on official transcripts until all debt is paid in full.
  • The University will defer the reimbursable amount until the deferred payment deadline. The reimbursement schedule is as follows:
  For Term Payment is deferred until
  Spring 1 April 28, 2017
  Spring 2 June 30, 2017
  For Term Payment is deferred until
  Summer September 9, 2017
  Fall 1 November 30, 2017
  Fall 2 February 4, 2018
  Spring 1 April 27, 2018
  Spring 2 July 1, 2018
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