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Financial Literacy for Busy Adults

The School for Professional Studies at Saint Louis University focuses on providing a student-centered environment. Keeping with the Jesuit Mission in educating the "whole person," we wanted to provide resources to help make educated decisions about your financial future.

You will find tools on this website that focus on affording a SLU education now and after graduation. By utilizing these tools and resources, you will be able to make a financial plan for your education, which is a smart academic plan.


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Helpful Financial Literacy Links:

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Financial Aid Resources
A Step-by-Step Guide to College Financial Aid - Confused about financial aid? Read this step-by-step guide to college financial aid and learn more about how you can fund your education.

College101 - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - Check out these educational resources provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis if you need help choosing a college and arranging for financial aid.

Mapping Your Future - Start thinking about your future now and use this website to help you explore careers, prepare for college, pay for college, and manage your money.

iGrad TV - Watch these videos provided by iGrad if you need help with the FAFSA or want a better understanding of financial aid. iGrad also provides various financial and career planning videos that are extremely helpful.

Financial Aid TV - Saint Louis University - Watch these videos if you want to learn more about financial aid at Saint Louis University.

iGrad Personal Finance and Student Loan Calculators - Ready to accept financial aid? Use these calculators provided by iGrad before accepting aid so that you can best prepare for your future. There are also various personal finance calculators available as well.

National Student Loan Data System - If you've already taken out federal loans, you can view them all in one place with the National Student Loan Data System.

Satisfactory Academic Progress at Saint Louis University - It's important to understand the concept of satisfactory academic progress in order to remain eligible for financial aid. Saint Louis University does a great job of explaining what it means to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Education Corner - How to be a Successful Adult Student - Starting college and funding your education can be challenging in and of itself, but what can you do to be successful as an adult student? Read this article to start reflecting on your goals and attitudes as an adult in higher education.

Personal Financial Resources
Save Up - Need motivation for managing your money? Use this website to view all of your financial accounts in one place and earn rewards for saving by entering various drawings and contests.

Money 101 - CNN Money - There is so much to know about managing finances that it can become overwhelming. Watch these easy online lessons hosted by CNNMoney on how to gain control of your finances. - Grow your financial awareness by educating yourself with these resources provided by the United States government.

PBS - Your Life, Your Money - Want to see it for yourself? PBS has a series of videos featuring real stories told by people struggling with financial issues. Learn from others and avoid making the same mistakes.

The Mint - Now spread the knowledge start educating your family on how to manage money with these resources provided by TheMint.

Test Your Knowledge
iGrad - Test Your Financial Literacy - So now that you've educated yourself, are you confident with your level of financial knowledge? Test your financial literacy with this quiz provided by iGrad.

Scholarship Resources
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