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Latisha Barefield Memorial Scholarship

Latisha Barefield was a student in the Criminal Justice and Security Management program in the School for Professional Studies.  Throughout her time at SPS, she was facing a terminal illness, and she did so with grace and dignity.  Latisha passed away in April of 2014, leaving behind two young children.  Because of her dedication to her college education - even in the face of her terminal illness - the School for Professional Studies established this award in her memory.

Award Amount

$500 for 1 recipient. Non-renewable.

The Latisha Barefield Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one fully admitted full-time or part-time student who is facing a challenging health situation. The scholarship is awarded based on the student's life experience and personal statement.

Do You Qualify?

To be eligible for the Latisha Barefield Memorial Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  • Ensure official copies of all necessary college, high school and/or GED transcripts have been received in SPS by the application deadline.
  • Completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the academic year for which you are applying.
  • Submit a 300-500 word essay describing the challenging situation you are facing at this time.
  • Receive less than the equivalent of 9 credit hours (currently $5400) in tuition assistance per year (exclusive of aid received through the FAFSA, such as federal loans or grants).

To apply for this scholarship, qualified students should:

  • Fill out and submit the below application by the deadline. For the current list of scholarship deadlines, click here.
  • File FAFSA.
  • Meet all requirements described above.
  • Include the essay described above.

SLU employees and/or family members who qualify for SLU tuition remission are not eligible to receive SPS scholarships. The scholarships are not cash refundable and are applied directly to the cost of tuition for the term awarded. Receipt of an SPS scholarship is contingent upon successful completion of the enrolled courses each term. Students who withdraw from courses may be subject to forfeiture of all monies awarded by SPS.


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