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Tuition & Fees for the School for Professional Studies

Earn a prestigious, well-recognized SLU degree at half the cost.

For the 2016-17 Academic Year: 

Undergraduate Professional Studies Tuition                      $630 per credit hour

Graduate Professional Studies Tuition                                $770 per credit hour

Military & Veterans Undergraduate Tuition                        $400 per credit hour

Military & Veterans Aviation Management Tuition             $250 per credit hour

First Responders Tuition*                                                 $400 per credit hour

Fees are $97.50 per each fall and spring semester with no fees in the summer. This includes the student government, student union, readership and technology fee. Your admissions counselor will discuss tuition and any applicable fees at your admissions meeting. 

For a full listing of all University tuition rates and fees, visit the Student Financial Services page. The School for Professional Studies is listed under the Adult Education section. 

*First responders must submit current documentation of their active status. View eligibility requirements here

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