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Assistant Professor
Educational Studies 

3500 Lindell Blvd.
Fitzgerald Hall 204
Phone: (314) 977-8178

Curriculum Vita

Brief Bio

Alexander Cuenca is Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education in the Department of Education at Saint Louis University. He taught middle school social studies in Miami, Florida before earning his Ph.D. in Social Studies Education from the University of Georgia. His research examines social studies teaching and learning, teacher learning during the student teaching experience, and the pedagogy of teacher education.

Most recently, Dr. Cuenca's work has focused on examining ways to leverage the professional preparation of social studies teachers to address issues of socioeconomic inequality. Dr. Cuenca is co-editor of the forthcoming book, Rethinking Social Studies Teacher Education for 21st Century Citizenship. He is an active member of the College and University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for the Social Studies, and the American Educational Research Association.


Ph. D. in Social Studies Education, University of Georgia
M.S. in Social Studies Education, Florida International University
B.A. in Religious Studies/Economics, University of Miami


Teaching Areas
Social Studies Curriculum & Methods

Democracy, Justice and Community

Qualitative Methods

Research Interests
Student Teaching
Teacher Education
Self-Study Methodology
Education for Democracy
Social Studies Teaching and Learning


Selected Publications

Nichols J.R. & Cuenca, A. (2015). The roadmaps, one destination: The economic progress paradigm in teacher education accountability in Georgia and Missouri. Action in Teacher Education.

Cuenca, A. (2014). Answering Ferguson in the social studies classroom: A perspective from St. Louis. Social Education. 

Cuenca, A. & Nichols, J.R. (2014). Ferguson is about us too: A call to explore our communities. Social Education. 78(5), 248-253.

Cuenca, A. (2013). Supervising Student Teachers: Issues, Perspectives, and Future Directions for Field-Based Teacher Education. Sense Publishers.

Cuenca, A., Schmeichel, M., Butler, B.M., Dinkelman, T., Nichols, J.R. (2011). Creating a "third space" in student teaching: Implications for the university supervisor's status as an outsider. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27(7), 1068-1077.

Cuenca, A. (2011). Democratic means for democratic ends: The possibilities of Bakhtin's dialogic pedagogy for social studies. The Social Studies, 102(1), 42-48.



Missouri Faculty Representative, Missouri Advisory Board for Educator Preparation

Office of Higher Education Appointee, Missouri Social Studies 6-12 Standards Work Group

Executive Board, Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education 

Executive Board, National Council for the Social Studies College and University Faculty Assembly

Chair, National Council for the Social Studies Standards for Social Studies Teachers

Member, Commission on Social Justice and Access to Equitable Education, Association of Teacher Educators