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School of Education Graduate Assistantship Overview

   The primary goal of a graduate assistantship is to augment the student's educational objectives and to assist in the prompt and successful completion of the student's degree program. The student and the School of Education share a central responsibility in the student's education. Students who are awarded graduate assistantships have special opportunities to receive experience in a profession under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Qualifications of Graduate Assistants

To qualify for an assistantship, the student should have achieved an excellent academic record and completed substantial coursework in the major field. The student must be admitted to a graduate program in the School of Education as a classified (i.e., degree-seeking) student, in accordance with the admission policies and procedures of Saint Louis University's Office of Graduate Education; students admitted under any other status will not be considered for University-funded graduate assistantships.   

Conditions of Appointments

Once awarded a graduate assistantship, students are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Attend mandatory graduate assistant orientation events.
  • Maintain good academic standing.  Graduate assistants are expected to maintain a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above throughout the duration of the graduate assistantship appointment. Graduate assistants must also stay within the expected time-to-degree for their academic program.     
  • Maintain full-time enrollment status during the appointment period. Graduate assistants should be registered for a minimum of 0 hours and a maximum of 9 hours during the fall and spring semesters of their appointments.
  • Must not accept or maintain any concurrent employment.  

Work Commitment

Graduate assistants are expected to work for twenty (20) hours per week during the assistantship assignment. Work activities should be conducted on campus unless otherwise instructed or assigned by the graduate assistant's faculty supervisor.  

Applying for a Graduate Assistantship

Priority will be given to completed applications submitted by February 1 (to be considered for an assistantship in the following school year).

New Students: Graduate Assistant applications may be completed as part of the Applyweb online graduate admissions application.

Current Students:

Please contact:
Maureen Wikete Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
School of Education

Graduate assistantship appointments and reappointments are made at the discretion of the School of Education Graduate Education Committee and the Dean. Final approval is granted by the Associate Vice President for Graduate Education at Saint Louis University. In general, offers of graduate assistantships will be extended during the months of March and April, and students should accept/deny their offers no later than April 30.

Additional Opportunities

Employment and Financial Support (Graduate Education site): This page lists several graduate employment and assistantship opportunities available throughout the SLU campus.

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Graduate Assistantship Opportunities in Student Development (Division of Student Development site): This page lists graduate assistantship opportunities available in SLU's Division of Student Development. The site additionally includes listings within Student Development of active graduate internships (unpaid, eligible for credit based on the 150 hour requirement) and vacant full-time professional positions.

Links and Resources

Categories of Graduate Assistantships in the School of Education:  This page provides general descriptions of the different "types" of graduate assistantships (i.e., teaching, research, and general graduate assistantships) and offers examples of some of the duties for each.

Graduate Assistantships at Saint Louis University (Graduate Education site):  These pages provide general information about graduate assistantships at SLU, as well as policies and procedures, important announcements, and additional opportunities at SLU.

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For general questions or concerns about the graduate assistantship program in SoE, please contact:

Maureen Wikete Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Dean 
School of Education


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