Educational Leadership Doctor of Education

The Ed.D. is designed to prepare students to become executive level educational leaders. Students enter the program with a masters or specialist degree in educational leadership or a related field. The program requires students, with a masters degree, to complete 38 hours of coursework; students with a specialist degree, complete 28 hours of coursework. Students complete coursework plus a doctoral project, a comprehensive examination, and an oral examination in order to graduate.

Examples of Acceptable Prerequisite Research Courses

Introduction to Inferential Statistics, 3 credit hours
General Research Methods, 3 credit hours
Qualitative Research, 3 credit hours

Example Schedule
Note: Students admitted without Specialist Degrees take 38 hours; students admitted with Specialist Degrees take 28 hours. Students without specialist degrees take all courses on the list. Students with specialists take the 8 hours of courses that have an * next to them and an additional 20 hours of coursework they select from the list. All new students attend Program Orientation in August.

Courses and Hours

First Semester
Research Topics in Educational Administration*,  3
School District Administration/Leadership,  3

Second Semester
Human Resource Administration,  3
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment I, 3

Third Semester
Gateway leadership Institute*,  2
Personnel Evaluation and Development (Curriculum II),  3

Fourth Semester
Politics of Education,  3
Ethics of School Leadership,  3

Fifth Semester
Advanced School Law,  2
School & Community Relations,  2

Sixth Semester
Internship - Superintendent,  3
School Business Administration,  2
Doctoral Residency*,  0

Seventh Semester
School Facilities,  3
Doctoral Residency*,  0

Additional Hours Associated with the Ed.D. Project
Project Guidance*,  3
(taken semesters 8 through 10 or earlier, depending on project completion date)

Total Hours 38

Program Contact Information

Jody Wood
(314) 977-2481

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