International Programs

A flexible and convenient way to earn a quality graduate education degree form a highly reputable private university. The hybrid Master and Doctor of Education programs are provided through the School of Education at Saint Louis University. The programs are provided online for Fall and Spring semesters and in-person at the Saint Louis University campus during the 20 days of the Summer semester.

The International Program supports and promotes Saint Louis University's goal for academic excellence which centers on continuous learning and engagement of the faculty and the students. The International Program in the School of Education at Saint Louis University facilitates the continued growth of the University as an involved participant of the global society through a committed set of educational degrees.

The International Program
Students will take the same coursework currently required in the Masters and Doctorates of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership programs at Saint Louis University. However, some courses will be given by professors at Saint Louis University both online and face-to-face when students visit the University for the three consecutive summers.

The Master of Education is a graduate degree that prepares individuals interested in the interplay of theory, research and practice in education.

The Doctorate of Education is a research-based, academically rigorous program that is a terminal, discipline-based degree recognized by the National Science Foundation. The program provides students with online and face-to-face courses at Saint Louis University during the summer residency. A written examination, an extensive final research project/thesis, and the oral defense in are required to graduate from the programs. The main purpose of the graduate programs are to prepare individuals to work on the academe, administrative and/or research positions in educational institutions.

The International Program aims to:

Integrate international experiences in the curriculum

Build transformative and strategic partnerships around the world

Recruit, develop and retain a diverse student body in the field of education

Develop and sustain the cooperation with international institutions to integrate learning experiences

Engage in international and global partnerships to raise global competency and integrate global perspectives into the curriculum

Facilitate academic mobility through innovative, cultural-student centered academic programs across international boundaries

Utilize educational technology as a means of enhancing student learning and making lifelong learning accessible to all students

Offer international education for students of all backgrounds and different fields in the school of education with flexible and innovative approaches

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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