SLU Zone

The SLU Zone is a new partnership between SLU LAW and nearby downtown businesses. The program will work to create a community for SLU LAW students, faculty and staff and encourage their patronage of downtown St. Louis businesses by offering monthly promotions.

The SLU Zone comprises a group of businesses who have agreed to participate in Third Thursday promotional events every month. The type of promotion or discount will vary from business to business and will be accessible to SLU LAW students, faculty and staff. All members of the SLU Zone will have the opportunity to display a SLU LAW sticker in their window, demonstrating their involvement in the program. More information on the SLU Zone is available in the press release announcing the inaugural members.

The map below shows the members of the SLU Zone. Click on the name of the business or its icon for a short description of the business and its SLU Zone Third Thursday special:


Coffeehouse Coffee shop Shopping Shopping Ice cream/dessert Ice cream/dessert
Quick/casual Quick/casual dining Sit-down dining Sit-down dining


If you would like your business to be included in the SLU Zone, please fill out this form.


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