Saint Louis University

The School of Law and the Department of Public Policy Studies of the Graduate School of Saint Louis University offer a program leading to the degrees of Juris Doctor and Master of Arts in Public Administration (J.D./M.P.A.). The combination of degrees provides a unique legal and administrative understanding of the public bureaucracy.

Students spend the first year of the dual program in the basic curriculum in the School of Law. Thereafter, students begin the Master of Arts program in addition to their law studies.

Students in the dual program ordinarily take a total of 106-109 hours of course work (82 hours in the School of Law and 24-27 hours in the Department of Public Policy Studies) for completion of each of the dual programs. Of the 91 hours required for the J.D. degree, 9 hours are satisfied by Public Administration courses and 12 hours of law courses are accepted toward completion of the 36/39 hours required for the M.P.A.

For further information please contact the McDonnell Professor of Justice in American Society or Peter W. Salsich Jr. of the School of Law or the Chair of the Department of Public Policy Studies.