Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health

The School of Law and College for Public Health and Social Justice have partnered to offer students the dual Juris Doctor/Master of Public Health degree. This custom degree fully prepares highly motivated individuals to work in the rewarding and challenging fields of law and public health. This program enables graduates to approach health and legal issues in an interdisciplinary manner. Recipients of the degree practice law in a variety of settings including governmental public health agencies, private law firms, and non-profit institutions. Within the M.P.H. program, students may earn the traditional degree, or pursue the degree with an emphasis in Health Policy. The program primarily aims to educate students to become preeminent leaders in the special legal needs of public health entities.

The second aim is to expand advanced education in law and public health to all areas of the state of Missouri and the surrounding region.

Students wishing to enter the dual program must fulfill all admission requirements for the School of Law and the College for Public Health and Social Justice. They must apply to each separately. Students may apply to both schools during the same admission period, or may wait to apply to the M.P.H. program during their first year in the School of Law.

For additional information about the M.P.H program, contact Bernie Backer, Director of Admissions, Admissions Coordinator, College for Public Health and Social Justice, Salus Center, 3545 Lafayette Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104-1399, (314) 977-8144.

A major benefit of this dual degree format is that students obtain both degrees more quickly than if obtained separately, roughly four years compared to five. Students pursuing the J.D./M.P.H. must complete between 117 and 121 credit hours, depending upon the area of concentration. All students pursuing a J.D./M.P.H. must also complete an internship in Public Health. A list of the required M.P.H. courses is available at the College for Public Health and Social Justice's J.D./M.P.H. website

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